Hoot Candles
PO Box 1895
Edmond, OK 73085
(866) 781-6422

Symbolic Collection

The Hoot Candles Symbolic collection is sophisticated and elegant. Each fragrances is poured in a beautiful chocolate brown glass adorned with a “Hoot” owl charm tied with a leather strap perfect to wear as a bracelet. The heartfelt symbols for each fragrance is printed on the dust cover.


In This Collection

12 oz. Glass Candle
2 oz. Votive

Fragrances Available

  • Pineapple Smash
  • Red Ginger
  • Kalamata Sage
  • White Tea
  • The Flower Shoppe
  • Tobacco Leather
  • Currant
  • Fig Tree
  • Bishop's House
  • Poppy Papaya
  • Grapefruit Squeeze
  • Orange Vanilla